It’s way past three in the darkest of the morning.
I know that when I close my eyes
in a matter of minutes, I will be asleep
and day will come, making the night seem so far away.

But it is those minutes that I dread;
the time in between when I turn off the lights
and when the sandman blinds me with his dust.
Those minutes are the ones where I am totally alone.

I stared at the lamp, wishing that its warmth
would forever keep me safe.
Alas, I reached for the switch and it felt
as though God himself was pushing it the other way.
The light fled from my side with a soft “click”.

The room had changed entirely.
What was once a beacon of hope, of entertainment
was now a gateway to hell,
and it wanted me to join the suffering.

I jumped towards my bed, looking for the only safe pace.
From under my covers, I knew that the shadows were creeping,
slowly… slowly… closer… looking for me.

I heard cracking, something scraping across my room.
I wrapped myself tighter into my soft blanket,
even though I knew there were demons at my side,
waiting for me to slip my leg out
so they could grab it and pull me to the depths.

I felt cool air brush against my skin,
and knew that they had gotten inside.
It was only a matter of time now…
I let them come.

Day broke, but it was over.
I was gone, stolen by the shadows
who come out in those few minutes
before we sleep.