It was a dark December evening
on the snowiest night in a year.
I stared at the fire
wishing my sins would leave me
and purge themselves into the hot flames.

I was alone.
The large house creeked and moaned.
It sounded like it was calling out for help,
like it wanted to be put out of its misery.
But alas, it was destined to the same fate as me.
We were both alone.

The night drew on.
I found myself responding to the house.
It would groan, I would respond with a small “hello”.
It would creek, and I would laugh
as if it had told a funny joke.

Harder and harder, the snow came down.
More and more, me and the house grew closer
like two friends who had just met.
Dawn approached and still the snow buried the house.
I now knew the life story of my new friend,
and he, mine.

More creeks and moans only made me share more.
A long scraping sound stopped my rambling
and I listened for a bit.
I wondered what the house was thinking.

Another horrid sound came from the building.
I sat in wonder as the roof broke,
the walls fell and the floor gave way.
That night, we were alone together.
Now, we’d be that way forever.