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This post, I ain’t going to lie, is directed mostly at a friend of mine. This certain friend has shunned me due to my love for certain first person shooter video games. These games, he thinks, are nothing more than testosterone injected, grey, bland, blood fests, and every time I even say the word “shooter” around him, it’s 20 minutes of how the first person shooter genre is killing video games and how he misses the old days of when games were good.

Then, after the ranting against shooters comes the ranting for JRPG’s, which he swears by and is currently on a very, I will admit, noble fight to get even more brought over to America.

I consider myself very varied in the games I play. Yes, I play the dark, grim Gears of War, and I bought into the Modern Warfare 2 hype. But I also play other games, such as Mursama: Demon Blade, God of War, 3D Dot Game Heroes and Super Mario Galaxy. I don’t confine myself into one genre. Sure, I like shooters a lot, but I also enjoy RPGs, music games, platformers and fighters as well. Hell, my favorite game of all time is a platformer; doesn’t that say something?

Now, I’m not pointing fingers, but it seems my friend here is not pointing out the problem, he’s becoming the problem. Games are games. Can we all agree on that at least? We all play games for different reasons, but 99% of the time, even if there is competition or prizes involved, it’s for fun, correct? So, when I’m playing my shooter and my friend is playing his RPG, why should there be any arguing? Why do people who dislike other genres feel the need to hate against those genres that other people enjoy? When my friend is playing his JRPG, you will never hear me say “Darn-blasted Japanese games are interfering with my shooter genre. Get em’ out o’ my country!”. Even if I thought that, which I don’t, I would still let my friend enjoy his game while I play mine. As gamers, have we divided ourselves into these sub-categories depending on what type of game we like? Used to be, a gamer was a gamer, and we all could relate to that. It seems now that only the shooter fans can hang out with the other shooter fans while the American RPG fans can only hang out with their own kind.

I call bull crap. We’re all gamers. ALL OF US. Sure, the shooter genre has a lot of fans, and with the large population, you’re going to get some douche bags playing the game (which is something a lot of people don’t really understand, and instead of blaming the world we live in, they’re stupid and blame the game… like the game can really control who plays it…); that’s called the world we live in. But must we hate on the popular genre? Can’t we all enjoy our favorites and accept everyone else, even if we may think badly about the certain genre?

Now, I know that most of the time my when my friend talks badly about shooters, he’s being tongue-in-cheek. But I know that he believes what he is saying, even if it’s hidden behind humor. I just hope this wall of text helps him, and maybe others, become a little more open minded.


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