Since we talked last, a lot has happened on the still untitled game (if you don’t know what I’m referring to, click here), and a lot has gone backwards as well (though, in a good way, interestingly enough). The premise that I wanted to use for the game wasn’t working out the way I wanted, so even though it meant probably a dozen hours of work flushed down the drain, I decided to go back to the drawing board, so to speak, and begin anew with a different premise to start with. That premise is: open world, à la Metriod. It’s not going to be quite as open world as, say, Castlevania 2 (which was a mess of an open world), but exploration will be encouraged. Also, my feature that I was wanting to include will work much better in a more open world setting.

Thanks to my friend, Bryan, who, though didn’t give me the idea of starting over (I was about to go back and drastically change things), gave me the idea of trying open world. I think the game will be better because of it.

Here is a screen shot of the character with a new enemy.