Just last night, upcoming game from Crytek, Crysis 2, was leaked onto the internet, making it one of the earliest leaks ever on the internet for a AAA game. The game was toted as a “beta” version, but saying that is puting it very lightly.

Having actually pre-ordered the game already, I had no problem with downloading the torrent and seeing for myself what was leaked. What I found was a broken, incomplete and near unplayable version of Crysis 2.

Instantly after the leak, the rants against piracy began to show their ugly heads again; the downfall of PC games and how pirates should burn in hell was and is the talk of the game industry right now. This could very well be a valid concern… if the “leaked” game was actually the full version of the game. As it stands, the leaked Crysis 2 is completely unplayable and not in any way the representation of the final product. The sound glitches, the graphical problems,the low quality CGI cutscenes and the rest of the small, but horribly annoying problems, all add up to make a very un-tested copy of the game, and that for me is more of a reason to actually buy the final product to see how it was really meant to be played.

Everyone who is freaking out over the leak obviously haven’t actually played it yet. If they did, they’d realize that it is nothing to be worried about. Unless someone can stand to play through the entire game with it crashing every couple of seconds, then sales will still be just as high as they were going to be before it was leaked. If the full, retail game was leaked this early, I could see some cause for concern. What we have now is another reason to call PC gaming “a dying industry”, and that’s completely ignorant. It will not effect the sales; at least, this beta version won’t.