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I love it, glitches and all.


Writers block is so cliche. It’s used whenever a third rate writer cannot write. Does that mean they’re writers anymore? Are they writers who are taking a break? Ah, whatever.

I’ve not been doing too much writing, either short stories or inside this blog. I’ve been busy with homework and essays and have hardly time for much of anything, let alone writing or reading for pleasure.

But one thing I did do was submit an older short story I wrote last year as a Senior to Barnes and Noble’s new service, PutIt! (which is a terrible name, by the way) and it was accepted. You can check it out here.

So yeah.

You. Yes, you. Stop what you’re doing. No, don’t finish that slice of pizza or wait until your TV show is over. Put down everything right this second and go here:

(This post is not for my younger viewers)

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