My new iPod Touch 4th gen is on its way, strait from Kunshan, China on a Fed-Ex plane and should arrive in my greedy little hands by noon on Friday. Weirdly enough, this will be the second major Apple portable device that I have bought on, or close, to the actual release date this year; I bought my iPad, river, just a few weeks after it was released. This has never happened in my life before, as I’m usually months or even years behind the technology in terms of Apple’s yearly updates to their devices.

So needless to say, I’m excited!

But it wasn’t just as simple as “going online and pre-ordering this sucker”, no way. When I got into college just a few weeks ago, I wanted to listen to music or play games late into the night. My roommate, having to get up at some unGodly hours, was in bed earlier than me, so I started using my iPad in bed. But the one time I fell asleep using it and woke up with the device under my stomach, I started to get worried about using the over-sized iPod in my bed (it would be horrible if I was to crush it). So I decided I should pick up a smaller iPod.

The next day I went and bought the 5th generation iPod Nano (the one with the video camera). The little thing was pretty fancy, and I enjoyed it for a good two days.

On that third day, though, Apple announced that they were going to have a press conference on September the 1st. About the same time, a design for a new iPod leaked onto the internet.

I looked my “new” Nano. The only thing that came to mind was “CRAP”.

When the pressy came around, and Apple announced the little beauty you see above you, I took the Nano back (you gotta love Walmart’s return policy) and used the money (and a bit extra) to order it.

*sigh* Can’t planes go any faster?