Yo everyone,

For the past couple of posts, my writings haven’t been very personal. Instead focusing on something relating to games this time around, I’ll be writing about what’s been going on in my life.

I’m in college. Yeah, like, right this second. I’m chilling at my desk and my room mate is at his. I moved into my dorm this past Saturday and have been adjusting to the completely different lifestyle since then. It’s been a interesting three or so days, for sure. I’ve met a lot of new people (most of which have names that have already left my mind), I’ve tried to memorize a lot of new rules (most of which have already been forgotten) and I’m getting used to waking up earlier again. I think that is my main problem, the waking up thing. Luckily I bought a really annoying alarm clock that actually runs around the room until you get out of bed and turn it off. Yeah, it works, believe me.

This week is all about getting used to life at Berea. No classes until Thursday, but next week, the year begins; lots of classes and tons of studying. Woo? …no, not woo. I hate studying. But I’ll have to learn to overcome if I want to make it in Berea, the “Harvard of the South”.

What, sounds like I’m giving the school too much credit? Get this: around 3500 applications came in for freshman year and only around 500 were accepted. My tuition for one semester costs around the same price as a whole year for most other colleges. Berea’s policy on homework is: one hour of class is equal to two hours of homework. Still don’t believe me? Come back in three weeks and I’ll show you all the work I’ve done, if I’m still alive by then.

But anyways, this is it, this is my life now: college. It’s going to be a wild ride.

Stay frosty.