E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) is coming very soon; June 15th, 16th and 17th to be exact. The 15th is actually my birthday, but I’m probably going to be having a party on the 14th. For those three days (or two, depending on my schedual) me and none other than TheAllGamer will be putting on not one, but TWO live web-casts of us watching all the fun stuff at E3 on the G4 channel… LIVE! I’ll have one on my blog, he’ll have another, and probably the one we’ll publisize more, on his blog and we will spend all two or three days recording our reactions to the biggest gaming news of the year!

It should be an entire 48 hours of huge geeks, spazing out and drinking way too much soda (and possibly beer. You never know with TheAllGamer).

More information coming within a couple of weeks! Pass the word around; surley we could sneak some actual footage of the show in our web-pod-cast-y things too.

Plans may change between now and June, but the above is the tentative plan!

UPDATE: Clark Bunch, over at My Other Blog, being the funny man he is, has decided to have a webcast of him watching us webcast the E3 event. Sounds incredibly boring, right? That’s just the kind of fun he likes! Sitting and watching someone watch something!

He think’s he’s clever. Ha. I’ve got something else up my sleeve.