I’m not very good at writing about more serious subjects. Most of my posts on this blog have been centered around video games and less important ideas and thoughts. This blog post, however, is going to be my first shot at writing about Jesus, my personal savior. I’m not going to guarantee it’s going to be good or promise that it will be some new insightful writing, but I am going to try my best.

Ok, here we go.


We’ve just passed the Easter season. I, among others, spent the week listening to what Jesus did on his last days of his life on this Earth. He entered Jerusalem to find himself greeted by thousands of  Jews, proclaiming that he was the King to rid them of the Roman empire. He preformed The Passover for his disciples, known today as The Last Supper. On Friday, he began his trial, put in the hands of Pilot, a Roman judge who actually sought to save Jesus. But the same Jews who welcomed Jesus into Jerusalem with open arms refused to let Jesus free; Pilot had no choice but to condemn Jesus to be beaten and crucified. His pain was intense.

But did Jesus go through more intense pain than being crucified?

On the cross, Jesus took every sin from every person and put them onto himself. Every single sin anyone had done was resting on the God’s Son. Jesus died on Friday. He rose from the grave on Sunday.

So where was Jesus for that weekend?

Throughout the Easter holiday, we discuss the events that take place on the Earth during that weekend that Jesus is killed, but we never talk about what actually was happening to Jesus throughout that weekend. He surly wasn’t with God on the throne; that would defeat the purpose of dying in the first place. That would be like Survivor Man going out into the wilderness, being completely alone for 7 days and filming himself trying to survive, all the while, he goes behind the camera and has a steak dinner. Jesus had to suffer for our sins, so he didn’t go back to comfort with God.

So… was Jesus…  in Hell?

It seems to me that it’s the only possible answer. He wasn’t on Earth, He wasn’t in Heaven, He wasn’t in bloody space. So he had to be in Hell.

Now, this brings up a lot of different questions. If He was in Hell, that means He would have had to been completely human, correct? If He was still the Son of God, he could never be punished by Satan because Satan has no power over God or His angels. So we have to assume that Jesus, after taking all the sins of the world, was human as he went into Hell. This means that Jesus would have suffered just all humans who have been sent to Hell have suffered.

Now, if you’re Catholic, you believe in the Nine levels of Hell: Limbo, Lust, Gluttony, Avarice, Wrath, Heresy, Violence, Fraud and Betrayal. I, personally, believe that Hell is Hell; no levels. Once you’re in, you suffer just as much as anyone else. But, assuming there are nine different levels, we can assume that Jesus had to suffer through all nine levels for the sins that were placed on his shoulders.

But, he didn’t just have “a lot” of sins, He had every single sin of the entire world on his shoulders. So, did Jesus not only go through the nine levels, but go through them millions of times? Did he have to suffer through the pits of Hell multiple times for every single human being on the planet? Who knows what the time frame for Hell is. Jesus could have spent 400 years in Hell while only 48 hours or so passed on Earth. Can you imagine the suffering?

Now, forget the nine circles and go back to theory that “Hell is Hell”. Jesus, in that one little weekend, and with the sins of the entire world, had to go through the pain of Hell a million times for every human being on Earth.

And we thought his suffering here on Earth was terrible.

Catholics also believe that a human can escape Hell. They believe that their sins can be abolished and their souls will flow towards Heaven. Christians, as far as I know, do not believe in any such thing. I certainly don’t believe it. I believe that once you’re in Hell, you’re in. You can’t beat Hell.

But Jesus rose again. Jesus actually did beat Hell!

And on Sunday, Jesus cast off the chains that held him in Hell and went from his grave to return to His Father in Heaven; right where he belonged.

Now, I’ll admit, I don’t have much biblical backup for my accusations. I had been pondering to myself about what happened in those days between death and resurrection.

And… maybe I’ve got a idea.