Just last night, two big bomb shells were let loose by the gaming community. First is Gears of War 3.

CliffyB, or Dude Huge, whatever you’d like, was scheduled to be on the Jimmy Fallow late night show just yesterday, that is, Thursday. But, at the last minute, he was bumped to a Monday showing. Well, I suppose the good people at the ad department for Xbox Live missed the memo, because a nice little ad for “Gears of War 3” appeared on the service, giving us a “April, 2011” date. While this is sort of nice, I would have rather the game be unveiled by CliffyB himself. Seems like in this day and age, no matter how hard we try, nothing is a secret for long. There are hardly ever secrets that the actual developers get to reveal.

Anyways, also announced last night was Pokemon Black/White. We know nothing about the game at this point, but I’m really hoping for a total re-boot of the series. It’s high time we get something new out of our Pokemon games; we’ve basically been playing the same game over and over again for the past ten or so years. Lets get with it Nintendo, change some things up, lets have some innovation!!

Oh yeah, one more thing; the new Pokemon will NOT be a 3DS game.