*paused FFXIII*

As most of you already know, I purchased Final Fantasy XIII on the PS3 just this past week. And as some of you may not know, the game was also released on the 360. Now, this was a problem for me. I’ve had my 360 a lot longer than my PS3, so I’ve had time to grow addicted to the 360’s Achievement system, which basically rewards me for doing things in games with a number award, which basically boils down to your “bragging rights” number. I’m at over 15,000, which isn’t much considering some people have hit over 100,000.

Anyways, the reason I had a hard time choosing between the 360 or the PS3 version of FFXIII was because even though the PS3 version is better than the 360 version, the 360 version has those bloody achievements. The Playstation 3 does have a system similar to achievements called trophies. You are awarded a bronze, silver, gold or platinum trophy depending on what you do in the game, and, like achievements, they add up and you can brag to all your friends about it. But, that is the main problem; there is no friends on PSN. Well, ok, you can have friends, but there isn’t any sort of contact with them. Unlike the 360, which included a headset with every purchase, the majority of PS3 owners have no headset, therefore, no contact with fellow gamers. So getting a trophy on the PS3 is like getting a new car in the 1700’s; there are no roads to drive on.

Also, the trophies came in a bit too late in the life cycle of the PS3. Most games missed them entirely, though the developers can go back and add them in if they wish. But for me, who is completely addicted to achievements, the trophies are just too little too late.

So you ask, “Why did you buy FFXIII on the PS3 not the 360??! ACHIEVEMNTES?EA ?!?!!?”. Well, for a few reasons. One, no disk changing. Two, better looking cut-scenes. Three, I like the PS3’s controller better for RPG’s. And four, the game started on the PS3, so I’d support it on it’s original platform. I don’t want a port of the biggest game of the year.

*un-pauses FFXIII*