*Un-pauses Final Fantasy XIII*

Whoa. That was a while without a post. Yeah, I’ve been rather busy. Last Friday was a half day of school, leading into spring break, and since then, today has been the only day where I’ve not been busy. Don’t be fooled, I’ve been having fun, just not the “doing nothing” sort of fun I usually have on breaks.

On Sunday, me and my friend stayed up all morning playing games and watching movies. It was about 6am before we finally crashed. We had way too much food and way too much caffeine and were incredibly hyper. Good times though.

Then on Monday, me and three of my friends had a all day Borderlands marathon. Eight strait hours (and I mean “one bathroom break” strait) of four player co-op and we only got about a third of the way through the game. I’m hoping we can get together and finished it up one of these days.

Yesterday I went to Lexington and on a impulse bought Final Fantasy XIII. Whoops, that was a good mistake; I’ve not been able to pry myself away from the game in over 8 hours. Last night I played for 6 and tonight I am still on a role; at this very moment, the game is paused and I just stopped long enough to type this. I plan on doing a review for it when I get closer to the ending, but I have a LONG ways to go. I’m shooting for 20 hours by tomorrow afternoon.

And that’s about it. I promise I won’t go so long without an update again. When my schedual goes back to normal, so will my postings.

Laters, and happy gaming!

*un-pauses FF13 and resumes the addiction*