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We were in Washington state towards the end of July, beginning of August this past summer. My aunt and uncles beautiful log cabin was the second to last leg of our journey around the country. We’d previously been in Mount Vernon, Virginia and Fairbanks and Craig Alaska. Needless to say, the weather in eastern Washington was certainly a change from Alaska’s climate; I was used to 40 degrees at night, maybe 60 in the daytime. Washington was no lower than the 80’s all day. We were hot.

*whisper whisper* “A river you say? A sandy river? Uncle, why didn’t you tell us about this place before hand?”

Now, I had been to this particular river before (very close to the same spot). And it was around there that my brother chopped off a large chunk of my knee cap, giving me 12 stitches. You would think I would be worried to go back to the river; that my luck with it wasn’t exactly the greatest. Well, you thought wrong. I jumped right in.

The first day was phenomenal! No-one was to be seen or heard; the little sandy beach was clear and all ours. We were having a complete blast (way too much fun than a human should have). We had a inter-tube that rubbed black crap all over our chests when we carried them (that never came off, by the way). We had a current that would carry us down river, then, weirdly, back up. We saw a deer. I dove to the bottom trying to catch fish; it was an all around fun (very ‘not’ “oh God, we’re catching on fire because it’s so hot”) time.

So the next day rolls around. It’s just as hot as the previous day. We’re losing just as much body fluid as we take in every minute. The nice, calm river sounded like something that needed to be done. Needed.

*sigh* This time, luck wasn’t on our side.

We got there to find that obviously people aren’t dumb; the smell of burning skin and the look of crispy bacon on their arms made them realized that it was hot outside, and were as well searching for a place to find some relief. And what better place than our river.

We walked onto the beach and found it our river infected with a good four or five families, soaking up our rays and our water and our sand. Well, we’re nice people, so we didn’t pull out the .45 and shoot wildly into the air; we simply sat down on a empty spot on the beach and tried to enjoy ourselves.

One group obviously had beer, because one man in particular was yelling, flirting, slurring his speech; a typical drunk. He had spilt something on the sand and had attracted hornets all over the beach. We were pretty far away from the spot, so no worries there.

Me and my family swam out to the middle of the river to soak up rays on a rather large rock that sat there. It was our favorite place; the water would just rush over the top of the rock, and you’d get little fish swimming all around you. We had a scuba mask that we would use to swim deep down around the rock and try and catch fish.

I jumped in the innertube and started down river, expecting it to take me back up like it had been doing. Well, it decided it wasn’t going to today, so I ended up having to fight against the current to beach. And where did I end up? Right on the drunks part of the beach.

‘Well, crap’ I thought as I climbed out of the water, avoiding the stupid hornets that were wafing over the spilt beer or wine or whatever it was. The guys looked at me like I was crazy; invading their “spot”, how dare I! Well, whatever, I started my walk past them without looking on them.

Wait… whoa… ow… ow ow ow OW OW OH CRAP OWW!!!!

I had stepped right on a hornet, and the bloody thing was stuck to the bottom of my foot.

I hopped around for a few seconds before scraping my foot against the sand, trying to get the freaking thing off, to no avail, all the while, the bug was still filling me with poison.

Finally, after what seemed like a couple of years working on a pig manure farm, I smashed the hornet to dust, and my foot throbbed like hell. I couldn’t even walk on it. I hobbled away from the spot and plumped down on the sand, trying to scratch away the pain; it didn’t work.

My family had saw what happened, but I don’t think they realized how BAD it hurt, because they quickly lost interest. They gave me some sort of rub or whatever, but it didn’t help. So I had to watch as they enjoyed the water and I roasted on the beach.

The drunk, who, I guess, felt bad for me, walked up and said, still slurred “Hey man, I got somethin’ that’ll fix ya up!”.

Ok, now follow me closely, because you might not believe me when you first read about it. The man reaches into his mouth, grabs a wad of Copenhagen, proceeds to put the crap on my foot and tells me to hold it there…

…lol, WAT!?

I was stunned that he would do something so vile, so worthless. Nonetheless, I humored him and grabbed the stuff, though it did NOTHING for the pain. As soon as he walked away, I threw the ball of goo to the ground and went and washed my hands in the river.

… look, as much as he was trying to help me, seriously dude?! Blech!!

Anyways, I spend the rest of the time being grossed out and sitting on the beach. I hobbled up to the car, my mom asked “Does it really hurt so bad you can’t walk on it?”

“YES, mom, it really does…”


I first picked up Fallout 3 this past summer. Sam, my cousin, had it and insisted that I give it a try. Well, me and Sam, have pretty similar tastes in games, so I figured I’d trust him and I took Fallout 3 for a spin.

Let’s go ahead and get this right out in the open: my playing conditions for Fallout 3 were terrible. I was A) playing on a TV so bad, it made the thought of smashing rocks into your eye sockets sound like a good idea, B) I was playing with a constant glare in my TV due to the fact that the sun loves to annoy us all night throughout the summer in Alaska and C) I was also playing with incredible sleep deprivation due to B).

So yeah, I hated Fallout 3 when I first played it. I found it way too hard to get into. I put it away to never touch it again…

…that is, until I got my modded Xbox. A friend burned me a copy of Fallout 3, and told, nay, COMMANDED that I play it. I figured I should give it a fair chance since I was back home and on my huge TV under optimal gaming conditions.

Once again, the game started off incredibly slow and I found myself bored. TheAllGamer (Zachary Walton) told me to keep playing and threatened me with physical violence unless I played it (or maybe not… I’m sort of fuzzy after that random hit on the head when I stopped playing Fallout 3).

So I kept playing.

And it got better…

…and better…

…and now, at a measly seven hours into the game, I’m finding myself putting Darksiders aside and immersing myself into a post-apocalyptic Washington D.C.! It’s very addicting, and the VATS system (a system that basically freezes time, let’s you aim in on a certain body part and gives you detailed information on how much death you’re about to bring down upon your enemies) is a very intuitive idea, and it’s one of the main reasons I’m playing Fallout right now.

I’m worried that the main story line is going to get a little dry, because, even this early on, it’s already starting to get stale. But, with the purchase of Broken Steel, a downloadable add-on, I can play past the ending of the game and go back and do all my side missions! And, I got it for only 5$; thank your “Deal of the Week” on XBL. W00!

Alright, so basically, Fallout 3: One beast of a game and, while similar to Oblivion, I’m actually enjoying it.

*looks at Final Fantasy XIII*

Frik… I’m so stuck


I would be playing you right now, I really would.

*bashes head against wall*


By the way, this marks a new Category for Reflection Gamer: Reviews. I’ll be marking all the  games I write substantial information about with this tag.

I won’t be posting anything else this week due to a very hectic schedule caused by our schools play production. I am the lead role, and we’ve got a lot of work to do to be ready by Thursday; I’ll be lucky if I even get any gaming time or, for that matter, homework time in this week at all. Early mornings, late nights, no gaming time; sounds like not my kind of week. Still, the play should be fun if we can get it together.

But before I go, I’ll let you all know what I’ve been playing over the past week; I’ve got quite a full plate in terms of games. Here goes:

Uncharted (PS3) Brilliant game, dogged down by the 29,236 enemies that attack you all at once.

Final Fantasy XIII (PS3) Another very amazing game, but I’m currently stuck on a very evil boss.

Resistance: Fall of Man (PS3) Fun shooter, though not exactly my cup of tea.

Darksiders (360) *sigh* Better than I originally thought.

Fallout 3 (360) I’ll save what I think about this for a longer post.

LittleBigPlanet (PS3) The create feature is just phenomenal; it’s a great party game!

Well, that’s about it. I have a few others on the back burner, but what you see are the games I’ve been playing most.

Have a good week, and if you think about it, send some prayer my way; I could use it.

UPDATE: WE GOT 3DS!!! Check Kotaku today for more information!!

We’ve been seeing a lot more of Nintendo’s little handheld, the Nintendo DS, within the past year. The Nintendo DSi came out almost a year ago, in April. Then, it’s larger, younger brother, the DSi XL, came out just a few short weeks ago. One would think that Nintendo was finished releasing new DS’s for a while.

“Whon” was wrong.

In previous months, we’ve heard from Nintendo a few small details about what a new DS would look like, but nothing about them actually working on one. They said that they are going to include new Nvidia graphics card made specifically for portable devices, codenamed “Tegra”. Nintendo has also mentioned making it with an accelerometer.

A mock up of the DS 2 by Gizmondo. I imagine it to have bigger, closer screens and analog nubs.

In recent GDC (Gamers Developing Conference) events, Kotaku, among other news medias, have strained a few new facts, though most should be considered purely rumors at this point.

From Kotaku:

* The system has two screens, just like the DS, but they are bigger and higher resolution. I’m sure most of you could have guessed that, but the interesting part is that the gap between the two screens is negligible. Developers will be able to use them as one giant screen.

* The next Nintendo handheld has an accelerometer.

* The dev kit is similar in power to the GameCube. Developers that worked on GameCube or Wii games will find it easy to create with. The DS successor is rumored to use an Nvidia Tegra chip, while the GameCube and Wii have PowerPC CPUs and ATI GPUs. The people familiar with the dev kit made it sound like there wasn’t much of a learning curve on the new system.

* The developers I spoke with will be finished with their games before the end of the year. The Nintendo DS is still going strong and the company could delay the next handheld’s release if it wanted to, but it looks like an E3 2010 announcement and a late 2010 release.

Is it just me, or does that just blow your mind? A Gamecube (and Wii, because we all know that the Wii is just a Gamecube with a Wiimote) powered handheld? It’s exciting! I know that the PSP has had the power of the PS2 for years now, but Nintendo, who’s, more recently, been very behind in terms of graphical capabilities in their game consoles, creating a handheld this powerful? Color me excited!

Here is a list of what I’m expecting out of the new DS:

* A sleek look. The DS, all of them, look nice, I guess. But I want something sleek, shiny (though that sounds a little immature). Think iTouch; thin, small, with a beautiful looking screen.

* No touch screen. The DS’s touch screen was a great idea, don’t get me wrong. There were lots of games that took perfect advantage of the touch screen, but in this new generation of DS’s, I want developers to focus on making good games, not worrying about the controls for the touch screen.

*Analog nubs. And not one lonely one, I want two. The lack of another analog nub was the PSP’s biggest problem, and by having two in their newest system, Nintendo could get a huge jump ahead of the PSP.

I am rather excited about the prospect of the new DS2, or whatever it’s going to be called. The features listed above, all realistic, sound like something that is easily doable by Nintendo. Let’s all hope for some information come this E3.

*paused FFXIII*

As most of you already know, I purchased Final Fantasy XIII on the PS3 just this past week. And as some of you may not know, the game was also released on the 360. Now, this was a problem for me. I’ve had my 360 a lot longer than my PS3, so I’ve had time to grow addicted to the 360’s Achievement system, which basically rewards me for doing things in games with a number award, which basically boils down to your “bragging rights” number. I’m at over 15,000, which isn’t much considering some people have hit over 100,000.

Anyways, the reason I had a hard time choosing between the 360 or the PS3 version of FFXIII was because even though the PS3 version is better than the 360 version, the 360 version has those bloody achievements. The Playstation 3 does have a system similar to achievements called trophies. You are awarded a bronze, silver, gold or platinum trophy depending on what you do in the game, and, like achievements, they add up and you can brag to all your friends about it. But, that is the main problem; there is no friends on PSN. Well, ok, you can have friends, but there isn’t any sort of contact with them. Unlike the 360, which included a headset with every purchase, the majority of PS3 owners have no headset, therefore, no contact with fellow gamers. So getting a trophy on the PS3 is like getting a new car in the 1700’s; there are no roads to drive on.

Also, the trophies came in a bit too late in the life cycle of the PS3. Most games missed them entirely, though the developers can go back and add them in if they wish. But for me, who is completely addicted to achievements, the trophies are just too little too late.

So you ask, “Why did you buy FFXIII on the PS3 not the 360??! ACHIEVEMNTES?EA ?!?!!?”. Well, for a few reasons. One, no disk changing. Two, better looking cut-scenes. Three, I like the PS3’s controller better for RPG’s. And four, the game started on the PS3, so I’d support it on it’s original platform. I don’t want a port of the biggest game of the year.

*un-pauses FFXIII*

*Un-pauses Final Fantasy XIII*

Whoa. That was a while without a post. Yeah, I’ve been rather busy. Last Friday was a half day of school, leading into spring break, and since then, today has been the only day where I’ve not been busy. Don’t be fooled, I’ve been having fun, just not the “doing nothing” sort of fun I usually have on breaks.

On Sunday, me and my friend stayed up all morning playing games and watching movies. It was about 6am before we finally crashed. We had way too much food and way too much caffeine and were incredibly hyper. Good times though.

Then on Monday, me and three of my friends had a all day Borderlands marathon. Eight strait hours (and I mean “one bathroom break” strait) of four player co-op and we only got about a third of the way through the game. I’m hoping we can get together and finished it up one of these days.

Yesterday I went to Lexington and on a impulse bought Final Fantasy XIII. Whoops, that was a good mistake; I’ve not been able to pry myself away from the game in over 8 hours. Last night I played for 6 and tonight I am still on a role; at this very moment, the game is paused and I just stopped long enough to type this. I plan on doing a review for it when I get closer to the ending, but I have a LONG ways to go. I’m shooting for 20 hours by tomorrow afternoon.

And that’s about it. I promise I won’t go so long without an update again. When my schedual goes back to normal, so will my postings.

Laters, and happy gaming!

*un-pauses FF13 and resumes the addiction*

Just a few hours ago, Kotaku, among other gaming news sites, posted a story about a team of security guards rushing the Infinity Ward, the creators of the immensely popular Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 games, headquarters. Just earlier that day, the Vince Zampella and Jason West of Infinity Ward met with Activision, but since earlier this afternoon, no-one had heard from either. At this time, no one knows what happened or what the cause of the SWAT-esq raid was.

But, just minutes after Kotaku’s story went live, we got this:

Jason West, the president of Infinity Ward, if this is to be believed, no longer has a job.

We’ve known Activision to be horrid monsters in every sense of the word, but how stupid can they be to fire a guy who brought in multi-billion dollars? Infinity Ward might have talked about going a new direction with the company, whether it was creating a new IP, or branching off from Activision entirely. Activision hates to lose, and they very well could have taken drastic measures to ensure they got what they wanted.

I will be continuing to check Kotaku and other news sites for more information in the morning.

I feel like it’s just a matter of time before we lose MW2’s servers. THAT would freak me out.

Needless to say, it’s sort of a spooky night for gamers.

[UPDATE] The news is spreading like wild fire. Many have claimed that it is a joke. This is real news people; no reason to do something like this just for publicity. I doubt we’re going to get more information tonight, so continue watching Kotaku for more information. I’m going to bed.

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