“Me, I’m dishonest. And a dishonest man you can always trust to be dishonest—honestly! It’s the honest ones you want to watch out for, because you can never predict when they’re going to do something incredibly… stupid.” – Captain Jack Sparrow.

I’ve recently re-watched the Pirates of the Caribbean series, backwards. Yes, backwards. I started with At Worlds End, then watched Dead Mans Chest, and finally Curse of the Black Pearl. The reasoning behind my rather weird way of watching a trilogy dives deep down into my very soul; basically, I wanted to watch At Worlds End, so I did, not expecting to go and watch the other two. It had been a good two years since I’ve watched the movies again, and I felt it was time to revisit my favorite cast of scalawags, traitors, fish people and giant sea creatures.

It seems to me that these movies just get better every time I watch them. At one point in my life, back before I knew that Pirates of the Caribbean was going to be a trilogy, I watched Curse of the Black Pearl once every other week; it was such a spectacular movie in every way, shape and form.I remember one particular night, it was the Sunday before school started back up from summer vacation. I wanted to stay up all night Saturday night and Sunday morning so I could go to bed early Sunday evening. I watched Curse of the Black Pearl three times that night, from midnight till the morning mist started to roll in.

The characters are so fun, especially Jack Sparrow, of course. I’ve always been a fan of pirates (much better than ninjas), so these movies have a special space in my heart.

Dead Mans Chest, I saw in theaters. At it’s conclusion, I jumped out of my seat, screamed random obscenities, then collapsed onto the ground in a fit of rage; I couldn’t believe they ended the movie at such a cliff hanger. It was like Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring all over again. I’ll tell you now, it was a long, excruciating year waiting for At Worlds End.

We were in Washington state when it came out. Me and my dad went to see it in a little town theater. When I saw Jack Sparrow back from the dead, I made a rather weird squeaking sound, possible in delight, possibly because a random fat man stepped on my toes. I suppose I knew Sparrow wasn’t dead, but it still loomed in my mind about what happened to him. Nasty Kraken; killing nice, somewhat innocent pirates.

Now, there is one little problem that I want to nit-pick about the plot of At Worlds End. What? No, I’m not talking about a problem in the plot; there isn’t a single problem with the story what-so-ever. My problem is with YOU pea-brains that can’t keep a story strait! Yes, there are a lot of twists and turns, maybe some slight confusions (which are resolved), but have we really gotten to the point where a movie has to have a strait plot line or our little brains explode because we can’t process that much information? At Worlds End does have a very complicated plot line (it waves all over the place) and yes, it might cause you to actually have to THINK a little bit. Boo-freaking-hoo. I’m terribly sorry that you’re too lazy to actually think while you stair at a TV screen. My bad, I forgot we’re Americans. Why don’t we all just go watch someone painting a white wall with white paint? Is that simple enough for you?

Whew. Enough of that.

The Pirates movies are dear to my heart. I can watch them over and over again (along with their special features. I’m planning on buying the expensive Blu-Ray version just for all the special things) without growing tired of any aspect. Yes, it has slight flaws in random scenes. Yes, there is a few crazy twists to the plot. But lets face it, the Pirates trilogy are three of the best movies to date. Its story telling, its wit, its clever use of Johnny Depp all got wrapped up into three brilliant movies.

Now it’s just the waiting game for On Stranger Tides.

“Gentlemen; m’lady. This is the day you will always remember as the day that you almost caught Captain Jack Sparrow!” – Captain Jack Sparrow.