Today marks the two week point of Reflection of a Gamers Quintessential Being. So far, I’ve managed to get a post (whether or not it was any good) out every day for the past half a month. As much fun as I am having posting about everything I can possible think about, I believe that by posting so many posts, I am giving too many words for my [small amount of] viewers. I am going to give my posts a little more time to “soak”, if you will, before moving on to another. I don’t believe people are reading older posts because they see I’ve already written new ones.

So, to summarize, I will probably moving to about three or four posts a week, with Video Sunday as a given (I just gotta keep you peeps on the up and up on the best videos on Youtube!). With this extra time, of course, I will try and increase the quality of my blog posts (though, if I do say so myself, I’m awesome).

Yes, I know my ego is poking you in the back… it does that sometimes. Just ignore it; it will go away on it’s own good time.

“A Kiss To Send Us Off”