I just finished setting up my Rock Band 2 drum set (with two additional symbols added onto the side) so I can play through the TV on freeplay mode and record into my computer. I now have the capability to be an entire band; I have a guitar, base, microphone and now an electric drum set. I do plan on trying to record something in the near future. If I do, I’ll be sure to let you all know. I’ve already recorded four songs, an entire EP with my one-man-band YearLong, but I mostly used loops (with a vocal track and a guitar track thrown in there randomly). I’ll link it:

YearLong on Last.fm

Have a happy Friday! I know I’m going to enjoy relaxing this weekend. This week, though decent enough, went by way too slowly. My weekend should consist of Modern Warfare 2, eating, playing the “band” and maybe some Odin Sphere.