For anyone that watches the show Lost and isn’t caught up with the latest episode, I’m giving you a fair warning and a picture that almost none of you will get: use this opportunity to get out of here.

Ok, so you’ve been watching the new season of Lost and if you have any intelligence at all, you’ve figured out that after Jacob died, he took over Sayid (or is at least working on it). You didn’t figure that out? Seriously? Why else would the “Others” try to kill him? And it also explains why Jacks father is still alive and where Claire frolicked off to. The 3rd episode, “What Kate Does” refers to the French woman and her traps; suddenly, Claire comes out of the jungle looking a little like the French woman, all crazy eyed and crazy haired. One problem: Claire died. I have this sneaking suspicion that Claire is now the french woman re-incarnated, just like Sayid is now Jacob, or at least, will be Jacob soon enough.

This also explains why Locke is, for whatever reason, the big black, swirling death cloud of death; I sure didn’t see that coming. I wish Ben would start to man up again. I remember him back when he was such a cool villain. At one point, he was my favorite character because no matter how hard you tried, you could NEVER get into his head; he was rock solid. But, after he killed Locke and then Locke came back, he’s lost his spine. Let’s hope he finds it again.

Oh yes, I almost forgot to talk about the two timeline things; they are VERY closely related. You can tell; similar things happen on both sides at rather the same time. I believe that eventually, the two will come crashing into each other, cause some crazy time paradox and the writers will have to find a way to write themselves out of THAT little predicament.

All in all, I’m enjoying Lost again. Season 4 just about killed it for me, and season 5 got me out of the funk I fell in after season 4. This season, the last season, is pulling me back in just like the first time I watched the series. I really want it to end, yet I don’t: I’ve spent 2+ years of my life with these characters! I don’t want to just say goodbye!

It does make me wonder how they’re going to end it though. Any thoughts?