UPDATE: It is with grief beyond comparison that I have to say that Michael Spencer, the Internet Monk has passed away, today, April 4th, 2010 at around 8pm. I will, as will the world, miss him. My entire body is in pain thinking about you Mr. Spencer. I’m happy you’re in a better place now. Say hi to our Jesus for me.

Below is my original post.


Michael Spencer. The campus minister. The Internet Monk. iMonk.

He loves Macs. He loves technology. He loves preaching. He loves his family. He loves his students. He loves God.

Mr. Spencer has been preaching on the Oneida Baptist Campus for years, way before I listened to sermons in chapel and before I even thought about having him as a teacher. And after taking AP English in my Junior year with my father, I realized that I would have the “preacher” as my teacher. I didn’t know the iMonk very well before then, but I was excited to have his class because I already knew how brilliant of a man he was. His sermons, his teachings all screamed “this man is something special.” His former students had nothing besides blazing colors for everything he did, praising him for his teaching style and his personality in general. So needless to say, I was very excited to have him in class. My expectations for the class was very high.

And it proved to be not high enough. Mr. Spencer’s class was a blessing in the middle of my day, every day. His teaching style was brilliant, and everything the man did in his class room had a life changing effect on me and my fellow class mates. He didn’t just teach us about the stories and poems, he worked until we understood and had a full focus on everything that he wanted us to understand in a way that was fun and interesting. Even on the slowest and suckiest of days, I never fell asleep in his English class; it would have been a waste of what he wanted to teach us.

He was, quite honestly, a master of English and by being around him, you absorbed some of his knowledge through some sort of weird English osmosis. He gave great advice on my short story that I read in front of the class; he critiques very well.

His personality is something that I’ve never seen duplicated in anyone, and it’s doubtful that I will ever see it duplicated ever again. He is super sarcastic, incredibly funny and has a knack for making everyone just put a smile on their faces. It’s hard to put into words exactly what happened in his class between me and my decision for college. But whatever happened, because of him, I’ve got a mostly solid plan on my college majors; I want to major in English and minor in Journalism. This decision was made because of his class; everything that he said.

So, Mr. Spencer, if you are reading this, know something: Everyone in our AP class loves you dearly. We enjoyed every single second we had in your class and I pray that many Juniors and Sophomores in the next years get to enjoy your class as well. You’ve been a huge influence in mine and, dare I say, thousands, nay, tens of thousands? of other peoples lives.

Thank you. So very much.