So I finally got the new Facebook update.

…seriously people… you were complaining about this? It’s a complete upgrade from what it used to be. Facebook, at one point was a clunky, 2003 looking website with annoying features that no-one used and broken ones that people did. They updated the general looks of everything; it got shinier and sleeker, instead of clunky and worthless. It’s nice seeing which friends are online at any given time on the home page. In general, it’s 100% less clunky. So really… do you all love to whine that much? You complain when it gets worse, so when they fix it, you complain some more? Make up your minds… yeesh.

Anyways, tonight in the annual (and in this case, annual means  when ever the heck we feel like it) Silent Auction that we have to raise money for Haiti. I’ve created another monstrous concoction; the Death by Chocolate Cake Version 2, with extra chocolate and extra death (results may vary, and the creator is not responsible for any hard caused by cake). I hope I can match how much moola my other creations have made in the past, though my mother will surly beat me out like she does every year with her chicken (which is beyond heavenly, by the way). So if you’re around Oneida tonight, and you happen to have an extra five pieces of green in your pocket, I’m sure you could walk away with something tasty.

I wonder if Mrs. Barnes will bring her iced tea; I’d buy some.