Hi. How are you this fine evening? You’re looking nice.

My name is Cameron. I am very fond of playing video games. I am also very fond of writing. I write short stories, I write poems and I write random musings on scraps of paper that I envision some day might amount to more than tissue paper not worth rubbing ones nose on, but alas, wont. I enjoy using words to their fullest extent. That doesn’t mean I have a immense vocabulary (I certainly don’t) but I like to stretch the boundaries of the English language; do things that others might find incorrect or confusing. So I apologize in advanced if some of what I write is unreadable; I will not be edited or revised on this blog. I have to re-word and change my sentence structure on formal essays that are written for a grade, but when I write freely, matters not, it, what order words, they are put in. If you are already annoyed, I’m sorry, but you can leave. Please don’t let that virtual door hit you on the way out.

The name of my blog is the “Reflection of a Gamers Quintessential Being.” Though Gamer is in my title, the subject is not the only topic I will be blogging about; anything is fair game, be it poems, stories, movies, my rather weird toe-nail or anything that happens to waft into my mind as I am living my life.

I hope through this blog, I can accomplish a number of things. I want to be able to improve as a writer, considering I plan on doing “mucho grande” of it when I get older. Other reasons… are personal; you’ve crossed the invisible line into the “you know too much” land.  Stay where you are; someone will be coming to take you away momentarily.

Please enjoy my ranting and random other tidbits as I being my journey into…

the Reflection of a Gamers Quintessential Being.

DellWatt (Cameron)